Diamond Common Sense

In today’s world it is becoming harder and harder to make the money necessary for enjoying the good life. In addition there are many more items tempting our attention for purchase consideration. It has always been my view that my client should decide what their exact budget is before they proceed into the market for a diamond purchase. That way they will be able to live within their family budget while enjoying the fruits of their labor and their diamond purchase.

It is my job as your AGENT to help you determine the exact diamond size and quality, which fits your budget. Having a firm understanding of the target diamond I locate the best possible diamond at the lowest price. As I do not have any inventory, you will never be offered anything other than what we agreed on was our target diamond.

It is extremely important for my client to have a clear understanding of diamond qualities and the benefit of my experience to know where corners maybe cut and where not to cut corners. I call this the sizzle but not the steak pricing. Example a 2.00 carat F color VVS1 clarity round diamond wholesales for $30,400 and an F color VS2 clarity round diamond wholesales for $23,400. If I locate a clean F-VS2, which with ideal cut, I believe visually you will not be able to tell the difference from the F-VVS1 except in the cost.

Now if you are an engineer and really understand the difference and are willing to pay the difference that is another matter, however, my personal view is keep your money for another item and buy the F-VS2. This, of course, is strictly a personal decision however common sense would say sizzle but not steak or have your cake and eat it too!