Diamond Certificate

here are many important reasons to require a Diamond Certificate with the diamond you are purchasing:

  • All aspects of diamond quality (color, cut, carat weight, clarity) are verified by an independent company with no conflict of interest between buyer and seller.
  • The cost of the Diamond Certificate is a small price to pay to insure the diamond quality you pay for is the diamond quality you receive.
  • Important diamonds need to have a Diamond Certificate to ensure the proper buying and sell of the diamond. Any important diamond, which does not have a Diamond Certificate, will require one the next time it is placed in the market to ensure proper pricing
  • A diamond, which has an exact quality grade, Diamond Certificate, can be easily valued based on the wholesale cost sheets used by the diamond cutting industry.
  • Diamond Certificates take most of the guesswork out of the buying process.
  • A Diamond Certificate verifies the diamond quality in any disputed with your insurance company in case of a loss.
  • When someone tells you, “A Certificate Diamond costs more” what they are really saying is, “Trust me I can sell you an inferior diamond at an inflated price”.
  • Remember, “Trust But Verify”.