The Relationship

This is a relationship business. Everything that powers our business – from sourcing diamonds direct from cutters – to placing the “Diamond of their Dreams” with our clients, – is derived directly from personal relationships.

Every service we offer is geared toward building trust, serving our client’s personal needs with professional expertise, and developing a rewarding relationship.

When I use the word “trust”, I mean “integrity.” It is our number one value – honesty without hesitation – People gravitate to the core values of trust, integrity, and honesty, as it leads them to the kind of people they want to be associated with and conduct business.

We never forget this is a competitive environment. We have to innovate and maximize every resource toward providing the most current and accurate diamond industry information and pricing, which enables our clients to make accurate decisions regarding the purchase of high quality certified diamonds.

Communication is the key to any relationship, from a marriage to a business relationship. Our objective is to align our efforts directly with our clients within the buying side of the transaction, striving to completely understanding our client’s desires and objectives. When we are absolutely clear on the exact diamond our client seeks, we move to the acquisition process.

When our clients inquire about diamonds, they are going to be given straight, complete answers. They are receiving our commitment to perform at the highest professional level in the diamond industry. No diamond call is too large or beyond our attention.