The Proper Way To Buy A Diamond

The process for buying a fine top quality diamond is much more simple than the jewelry industry would like you to believe! The reason is simple, if the public knew how easy it really is to purchase a fine top quality diamond, they simply would not allow the large sums of money, profits made by the retailers, for the very simple service they are supplying. This is the result of an extremely inefficient distribution system that has been in place since the beginning of time.

Believe me I am not interested in wasting your time. What I am truly interested in arming my client with the correct knowledge enabling them to make the best decision based on facts while removing as much of the emotion as possible. The jewelers, diamond brokers, and dealers have a bad habit of trying to confuse their clients with:

1.) Too much bad information.
2.) Too many concepts which confuse the client
3.) Too many extraneous ideas or personal opinions that play no part in the decision-making process which lead to
4.) Too high of price!

I have found the best things in life are usually the simplest. The decision making process for just about everything is becoming too complex. It seem the more complex things become, excluding the technology industry, the higher profit margins are justifiable!

The best way to purchase a fine high quality diamond is:

1.) Gain a basic understanding of the qualities a fine diamond

2.) Set a personal budget

3.) Obtain a realistic idea of what diamonds cost – Please see my revolutionary “Diamond Price Calculator” under the Current offers heading also under the Diamond 6 c”s “Cost”

4.) Insist on a GIA Diamond Certificate with any diamond you purchase remember “Trust but Verify” and

5.) Find your dream diamond at the lowest possible price armed with the above information. can easily save 50% – 60% on the same high quality diamond you may look at from Tiffany and Co., Harry Winston’s, Van Cleef and Arpels, or any top quality Carriage Trade Jewelry Store. Remember they have a brand name, however we both have diamonds certified by the exact same company!!! No one can put an accurate price on the blue box, which comes with the diamond at Tiffany’s.

Regarding diamond brokers pricing, will save you between 20% – 30%. Armed with the knowledge you can acquire within this site, you can easily ask the correct questions and receive the correct answer without any of the unnecessary disinformation.

Your time is very valuable. In fact it is your most precious personal asset because of the nature of its limit. Take the time to understand diamonds, use the revolutionary, “Diamond Price Calculator” to realistically identify the price at which you should pay for your dream diamond. Then go into the market and search out the your diamond at your target price.

When you are almost done with your search but before you purchase, e-mail for our best quote. I am sure you will not be disappointed. We will find your exact diamond at the best possible lowest price. We offer Platinum and gold designing and setting service at our costs. In addition we offer a 7day 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not 100% delighted with your diamond and your price!

If this information has allowed you to purchase the dream diamond from your friend or local jewelry store at a price that satisfies you than I have performed a valuable function and helped you make a very efficient purchase saving you a ton of money. However make sure you get a Certified Diamond by GIA so you can be assured of the diamond quality you purchased!