Our Diamond Recommendations

Based on many years of brokering diamonds, we have several suggestions, which may help in the selection process of your diamond purchase for color, clarity and cut. Most clients appreciate our ability to guide our client’s purchase for the B-ROI-D Best Return On Invested Dollars!

Deciding on the shape is the first step in the diamond selection process. Everyone has a special attraction to a certain shape. It is extremely important to determine the diamond shape first as the shape can effect the final price dramatically.

If you want to maximize the diamond purchase, while spending the least possible amount of money then we suggest you consider a diamond with a Color Grade of G, or H. The reason is simple, diamonds in these color ranges still are basically white, (Top Near Colorless) and the prices are 45% – 65% below the D, E and F Colors. Once mounted, they’ll look fabulous to the average person! Please see our COLOR GRADING SECTION under Diamond C’s for further explanation.

A similar savings can be applied to the diamond clarity grade. The technical Gemological definition of an SI1 Clarity Grade is, “The Imperfection within the diamond can not be seen with the naked eye, but can easily be seen with the aid of a 10 X power loupe. Following this definition, if our clients purchase an SI1 Clarity Graded Diamond, they can save an additional 28% – 44% over the top clarity grades holding all other grades, Color, Cut, and Carat weight constant. Please see our CLARITY GRADIND SECTION under Diamond C’s for further details.

Cut determines the sparkle and brightness so don’t settle for a poor cut (made) diamond. Learn what the specifications need to be for a great cut for your shape of diamond and then find the best value within those criteria. Again an Ideal cut stone is 5% – 10% higher in price over a well-made stone. Buy a diamond with a great cut, (make) and you will be rewarded with exceptional sparkle and brilliance. Please see our CUT SECTION under the Diamond 5C’s section.

Finally and most important careful attention must be addressed to the budget. When you get a feel for the diamond size and quality you want, go to our DIAMOND PRICE CALCULATOR and plug in the values you are looking for. The DIAMOND PRICE CALCULATOR will show you the Am-Diamond price, which in all cases will be at least 15% below New York 47th Street wholesale pricing! We have never yet failed to meet or reduce the lowest price indicated! Remember we only sell GIA Lab Reports and we represent the buyer.