Diamond Investment Value

There comes a point in every sale my client asks, ” Is this diamond a good investment?” This is an important question on everyone’s mind! The simple answer is no! Of course we need to define investment before the complete answer is fully understood. Everyone defines “Investment” in his or her own way.

My personal definition is that an investment must pay a dividend every month to qualify as a financial investment. However how can I or anyone else value the Emotional Investment of a fine Certified Diamond? The fabulous feeling one gets wearing a top quality diamond with all of the sparkle, brilliance, and scintillation may be the best personal investment one can make. How can anyone place a value on the comments of friends or the admiration of a stranger when viewing the baby on you hand! What better investment could one make!

Perhaps a more accurate question would be, “Is a diamond a good value when spending my hard earned money?” This answer is much simpler, a great value! Ask yourself what item can I purchase other than a diamond, that holds it’s value and can actually increase in value over time other than my house?

Buying a diamond is like gaining a friend for life. It is the only Gemstone, which is universally recognized, the hardest known substance in existence and talks to you everyday! That’s what I call a great investment!