Diamond Brokerage Services

AM-Diamonds is in the business of brokering fine diamonds of 1.00 carat and larger between the top color grades of D to I, and clarity grades of FL-SI1 (Flawless to Slightly Included One) in all shapes.

Our mission is to offer our valued clients top quality diamonds at direct cutter’s pricing, by-passing all of the traditional wholesalers and retailers with their added mark ups. We access the vast inventories of many of the world’s leading site holders. Because of the monopoly De Beers maintains in the trading of fine diamond rough and the many traditional channels in the diamond distribution system, the public has very few places to turn to for purchasing fine diamonds direct at advantageous diamond cutter’s pricing.

GIA, (Gemological Institute of America) has become the worldwide premiere Laboratory in the grading of fine diamonds and supplying Laboratory Reports to the diamond industry. These Lab Reports describe each diamond’s DNA – Color, Cut and Clarity Quality Grades. These GIA Lab Reports eliminate the guesswork in diamond quality identification. While we don’t have a nationally recognized Store Brand Name, we do have a World-Class Diamond Certificate.

The information age has continually forced most industries to become extremely efficient in order to survive in today’s competitive environment. Prices have been falling while product quality and innovations have been improving. The Diamond Business and the entire Jewelry Industry are caught in these very difficult times, with their antiquated channels of distribution and inefficient pricing structures.

AM-Diamonds is simply applying the efficient distribution techniques develop in many other industries. We match our client’s diamond requests with a diamond that has a GIA Lab Reports, and factory direct pricing. Since we broker only diamonds with GIA Lab Reports, our job becomes quite simple. After identifying a willing knowledge and capable buyer, we accurately identify the diamond that fits their budget, access the vast diamond inventories locating the exact diamond, saving our clients a ton of money. Our clients benefit by receiving the “Diamond of Their Dreams”, at a price they have never seen.

If you love to save money, especially a bundle of money, you are our client! Call us and see. Better yet check out our Diamond Price Calculator and see if your local jeweler or friend can do better. Please remember one thing, apples to apples; you must request pricing for a diamond, which has a GIA Certificate, not someone’s guess on a diamond’s quality, so we may compare pricing! If someone tells you a Certificate Diamond is high priced, what they are really saying is, “Trust me I can sell you an inferior diamond at an inflated price!”